Cancun Travel Guide

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Cancun is a Mexican resort city situated in Yucatan. Its peninsula is bathed by the Caribbean Sea warm water. Although once a flourishing Mayan Empire, it is now renowned for its proximity to one of the greatest reef systems in the world, incredible coastlines, and tropical forests. Cancun was once a sleepy fishing village but now millions of visitors come every year to pay homage to the Yucatan sun. Friends of mine who own a company that specializes in flat roofing, likes to make the trip south to Cancun and take in the sites as often as possible. Thanks to their input and some further research, this article will offer you some tips to help you plan the perfect vacation.

Isla Cancun
Mankind’s new sun temples rose from here. The sun in the beaches here has a unique property that lets it stay cool regardless of the weather. It is called the air-conditioned sand and a gift from the gods by the locals. There are many gifts like this in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Acuario Interactivo
This place will allow you to get close to the dolphins and you never know they may sing some mariachi for you.

Isla Mujeres
When you are done with the dolphins, go and play Tortuga on the northern end of the hotel zone. The Isla Mujeres (islands of Mujeres) is just a ferry ride of 20 minutes away.

Captain Dodger’s Maritime Museum
Discover the famous vessels, explorers, and the pirate that once navigated these islands. The Captain Dodger’s Maritime Museum is truly different. At the Sub Aquatic Eau de Carte, you will find hundreds of echo sculptures based on Yucatan locals. These sculptures change with time as sea life takes up residence here.

Mayan Cancun Museum
Yucatan is dotted with more than 40 Mayan cities but you have to be Indiana Jones to discover all of these great regions. You can explore its ancient world at the temple ruins of El Rey and the Mayan Cancun Museum.

Chichen Itza
Take a trip to Chichen Itza if you want to experience the greatest of destinations in Cancun. This is a vast temple complex that peaked in the 20th century and it is now one of the wonders of the world. You can also visit the great ball court where you will see *tees* literally playing for their lives.

Kukulcan Temple
You can climb the stairway in the temple and visit the observatory where many Mayan astrologers are reputed to have charted the night sky.

Dance Temples
Head back to town when the sun sets and explore the 21st-century dance temples in Cancun. You can join other tourists from all over the world as they seek the spirit of the night in oneness.

The Mayans are masters at different things, thankfully the end date of 2012 on their calendar turned out not to be the end of the world. For centuries to come, the sun will continue to shine over this island’s cool sands and warm water.

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